Is your website in need of some Maintenance?

Website maintenance to keep your website up-to-date and stable.

Website maintenance services by Arctica Design comes in two different 'flavours':

Website maintenance - Routine checks & updates

Routine maintenance & updates to frameworks such as Wordpress or Joomla as well as content on website pages - spell checking being quite important.

An example of routine maintenance might be checking to ensure that Wordpress is running the most recent and stable version.
Website maintenance - Temporary updates

Temporary website maintenance for unavoidable situations or updating NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) info should your business relocate.

An example of a temporary situation might be, as in the case of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, adding a link to the Government COVID-19 portal.

Routine maintenance and general website updates

Routine maintenance should be a regular occurrence in order to keep your website running at it's best possible performance. Just like our computers start losing power over time, so does your website. Log files can build up and waste disk storage space, comments in a Wordpress blog can harbour potential malicious links and catch-all email addresses can waste expensive storage space. It's common knowledge that Google likes a website that loads fast, outdated plugins can slow your website load time down. These are all things we routinely check on for you as part of our maintenace services.

Temporary website updates

Temporary updates are also a vital part of your website maintenance strategy, for instance, your switchboard might be down so you would want to alert visitors to your website by way of a small pop-up that they should rather contact your sales personnel on their mobile phones - keeping customers happy, informed and not frustrated.

Often you will want to make sure your website is keeping up with modern trends but you haven't got the budget for a complete redesign - website maintenance can keep your website running for longer.

Routine maintenance of your website is a great way to ensure your online presence keeps running optimally.

Also of interest might be how we helped people recover their old WOZA Online websites.

I need some website maintenance, what happens next?

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