arctica design is a web design company in Midrand, Johannesburg

arctica design is a web design company in Cape Town

arctica design is a website design company offering strategic, creative and development services and solutions for the digital environment, including Web, Email, SMS/MMS, Social Media and Multimedia.

We place high value on initiative and enthusiasm. We apply this to our passion for digital marketing and drive to do business differently to execute innovative solutions that positively impact our clients’ business.

Our focus on developing customised WEBSITE and EMAILER solutions means that we like to understand who you are, what your marketing and business objectives are and who you are targeting, before we start the customised development process. Customised cross-media (both online and offline) integration and solutions are imperative, we therefore apply our 3 pillar approach to all website and emailer solutions:

  • STRATEGY: understanding your marketing, business, brand and target market
  • CREATIVE: visually exciting solutions to communicate the “strategy”
  • TECHNICAL: Backend solutions to support the “strategy” and work hand-in-hand with creative
  • Click HERE for an overview of the services we offer.

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